Understanding Your Weird Pregnancy Dreams

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If we had to summarize the pregnancy experience in a single word, it would be changes. Being pregnant is like a very long ride on a very steep hormonal roller coaster. From conception through the birth of your baby, your fluctuating hormones will trigger changes in your body, your emotional outlook, your sleeping patterns, and so much more.

Being pregnant can also change the nature of your nighttime dreams. Pregnancy dreams can be weird, wacky, even a little crazy.They tend to be filled with emotion, often reflecting some of the intense life changes people go through when they’re pregnant.

Because pregnancy can interrupt your normal sleep patterns, there’s a good chance you will remember many of your pregnancy dreams. So it can be helpful to learn what your subconscious mind might be trying to tell you as it creates these weird nocturnal movies that only you can see.

What Pregnancy Dreams Mean

Pregnancy dreams often include babies, baby animals, bodies of water, and adventurous activities. Bad dreams and erotic dreams are also fairly common. Of course, every person is different, so what your dreams mean will always be subject to your personal interpretation. That said, here’s a quick look at 6 common pregnancy dreams and what experts say they could mean.



Dreaming about giving birth to an alien might be a little disturbing, but it’s normal. When you think about it, carrying a baby can sometimes feel like an alien has taken over your body. And sonogram images of your baby do look a little like aliens, right?

Baby animals

Caring for a puppy or a kitten is fairly simple when your mind compares it with nurturing a human baby. When you dream about giving birth to a baby animal, it can be seen as your body practicing giving birth to your own baby. It could also be a reflection of an underlying fear of being responsible for caring for a helpless living thing.

Bodies of water

Pregnancy dreams that include swimming or even drowning in the ocean are also common. Dreaming about swimming may symbolize trying to connect with your baby as it floats inside your womb. Drowning dreams may indicate feelings of being overwhelmed or a fear of your water breaking in an undesirable place.

Cheating partners

Dreaming about your partner having an affair usually means that you’re feeling insecure or possibly undesirable because of pregnancy changes to your body. This is a good one to talk over with your partner so they can reassure you and relieve some of the underlying stress that popped up in your dream.

Misplacing the baby

If you dream that you forgot where you left your baby or that something is threatening the baby, it’s not a premonition. It’s simply your brain processing normal fears and anxieties about being able to take care of your little one after they are born.

Adventure travel

Dreams of getting on a plane to explore some exotic locale and feeling anxious about it are common toward the end of pregnancy. They reflect a very common human emotion — fear of the unknown. You can use these dreams as motivation to learn as much as you can about pregnancy and parenthood before the baby comes. Because the more you know about what may happen next, the more confident you will feel if or when it does.

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