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Oh, did I scare you guys? Welcome back to my blog. My name is Marissa hill. If you are new to my blog, do not forget to forward it and leave me a comment. If you liked it and did not forget to hit that notification as well, I think it would have been scary.




If I popped out with these scissors reminds me of a character from us. This box is massive. I mean, it is so big that I was able to hide behind. Today we have the Nike adapt automatic Platinum infrareds. That was a mouthful. This is the biggest box I have gotten. Let me show you just what I am used to getting from Nike like this, so what do you guys think does not seem like the same size? This is fragging huge, so huge that I must like to stand up, you know, like kneel like I am so tall right now. But we are going to do a little different unboxing.
We are unboxing the brown box. This time always be very careful. You do not want to ruin your box when you open it cut too far down. This is just insane. This box weightlifting some weights here some weight all right let us get to it. I cannot even describe what I am feeling about this box. This is a beautiful box, my goodness. I have not had a box this lar this large ever for any of my shoes. But let us get to the nice little satin pull-tab we have here. For four hundred dollars, we should have a nice pulled upright. These shoes cost a pretty penny stand up in here beautiful packaging. Just love these shoes. My goodness, beautiful, we have this nice little separator Nike adapt Auto maxes my goodness. I am so excited to do this unboxing because this is my first self-lacing shoe, and not only that, you can change the colors on the bottom here, and I am just obsessed with the fact. Who incorporated this technology into these shoes a few years ago. I attended the Harper’s Bazaar event for Fashion Week here in New York, and I was lucky enough to wear a dress that is paired to my cell phone with an app.
That changed the dress colors as a service the same way that software-as-a-service emerged and became what we now know as a club. It was so insane everyone thought that that was like, where would you get this dress. How did you get it to change colors, and so this is the same kind of technology? But for shoes and I cannot wait to go into the app and see how it pairs and show you guys. This shoe is all about because I think technology paired with clothing is amazing, and I think that is where the future is going, so ever since the movie Back to the Future 2 came out. I feel like people have been enamored with the idea of self-lacing. I mean that Marty McFly was such a cool character that everyone wanted to be like him and for him to go into the future and have these insane shoes, everyone felt like they needed to have them, and Nike did such a great job with keeping that promise they were a little late, but that is okay. No one’s hating on them because they did eventually come out with shoes that encapsulated.

Colors & Safety

That same presence on that film, and today we get to do it with the pure platinum. Infrareds, this is just youthful color, my goodness. I saw this online, and the color just spoke to me. I mean, this is an OG colorway it is, and I love that this is the color they decided to go with on this shoe. I am going to start with the front of the shoe here we have got. This TPU shield on the cap is just plastic, nice little protection for your toes here because this mesh is bendable and flexible. When I put these shoes on, I mean it is so comfortable. I did not feel like my feet were getting pressed up at all or felt tight. This is just a very malleable material, and it wraps around the medial and lateral portion of the shoe. Up into the very nice tongue, it has this nice little Sheen to it as well. It’s very silvery, almost kind of like that listens for you, and then we have the au 70 branding tongue here; this is a very nicely manufactured tongue, and then, of course, we have the four lace system, and the thing I love about this lacing system is it reminds me of the same Nike MAG lace system which was the first shoe that was based on Michael J Fox as character shoe. Back to the future – it is the same lacing system. This shoe has that, so I feel like you know I can relive some moments and back to the future. That she was super limited as well, who launched in 2011, and then they launched it in 2016. But I mean, I could not get the shoes then I wish I did because those are worth so much money right now. But I guess these will do for now then; as we look here, we have got the plus and minus, and this is what you will use to tighten or loosen the lacing system, and these change colors as well. Very very cool, and then we have our nice air bubble on the medial and lateral portion of the shoe. We have this beautiful infrared coloring that wraps around the shoe up love this color. It goes all the way on the bottom, so parts of the Air Max 90 completely pay homage to this shoe. So, when I am looking at the shoe, I will pull out one of my Air Max 90. so, you guys can see, but this is a similar silhouette. I mean, they were going after this, but obviously, you know this is a little bit bigger because it has all the technology stored here for this shoe to work and the shoes. But lighter, heavier, lighter, heavier, I am even looking at the Scotch. I need a measuring tape. I will go through and measure the extra height that this shoe gives me and how far back this she goes in comparison to this, so hold on for one moment.

All right, guys, I got my tape measure just going to get in here and see the back here; it is almost one-and-a-half inches behind this. So, I want to show you on this shoe what like how far back that would be it is right there – there that is how much farther the shoe extends, and as far as height goes this is crazy, so this gives you about two and a half inches. So, when I wear these shoes, I am six feet tall.
These shoes make me a monster, my goodness. I look like a nice tall giraffe.

But yeah, I cannot believe the size difference in these shoes; these are the same size shoe, and so I am looking at them like sure this the same shoe. I mean, I can see where they are coming from; I am obsessed with this silhouette, the Air Max 90, and that is why I think I fell in love with this silhouette, but my goodness, these shoes are purchase, but they are the high light infrared air sole unit. That extends the heel and houses the auto-lacing tech rounds out this design, and so that auto-lacing tech is taking some space in this shoe. These do not have that technology inside of them, so that we will put those away, but the aerosol unit here definitely provides maximum comfort and cushioning.

So, I love that is in there, which is why I love my Air Max because they are so comfortable, so this is joining the team of ranks of Nike Sportswear. I keep basketball power lacing silhouettes that have already previously existed, so going back. We have got the adapter ah cheese, the adapt baby tooth, and the adapt BB silhouette. This just seamlessly goes in with all those other silhouettes so well because of this technology, the classic swoosh storytelling that we see here, we have got this nice light grey. You know Nicky swish love that this is just a great addition to the self-lacing shoes that we have seen, and I love that they put this bright classic color which we have seen recently on the duck camos those were infrared as well as the oh jeez that launched in 1990 on the air max 90 silhouettes. This is not a color that we have been surprised to see on Nike shoes; they just did a great job with this combination and the missile. This some nice just kind of swiveling Ray marks that we have going on here; it is like a scribbled print that almost looks like a pencil that you just scribbled with all along here. But I like the look of that all right. I think it is time to get into a little shade because I have a special announcement to make; let us get to that. Shall we some people’s favorite portion of my series is the shape portion, one of the things that drive me crazy. I am excited for all of you doing big things over there; this is coming out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Connect it to Your Phone Via Bluetooth

That was the shade for today, okay typically, I would do a section on history, but for this specific episode, we will do how-to on how to get started using this self-lacing shoe because it can seem complicated. But it is very easy, so step one is you need to go on your phone so get your phone out here lovely phone, and you are going to need to go to the App Store and download the Nike adapt app once you have downloaded the app on your phone. It will look like this, but you will first configure each shoe and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. This app works off blue Bluetooth, so you need to have that activated to get started on each shoe. The first step is to ask you to pair each of you individually, and you are going to need to point it at the shoot just like this at the two buttons and then once it is synced in paired. You then will be asked and prompted to put your feet inside in each shoe so that the app can configure it to fit your feet perfectly and even if the configuring does not seem to fit quite right. You can go in and fine-tune it, so it fits you to your comfort, and then we will show you on the app exactly how to use it, what each of the notifications means, and how to get started with the self-lacing system. I will open this to show you this is what you are going to charge your shoes on top of kind of looks like a scale to weigh somebody.

But that is not what this is; in this case, this is to put both your shoes on it to charge them both, and it is 14-hour battery life. But depending on how you use it, how much you use the self-lacing part of the shoe will depend on how long your battery’s going to last. But I would assume that these could last a decently long time if you are not going to be more than a few times in the day there is you have beat court inside this box which I have already plugged into charger here, and this is what you are going to plug into your charging station here it is just in the back plugs in like. That looks how flat this little charging system is; oh, we get a cute little guy in here; hello with me adorable. My friend, these is the cables that I have already taken out, so once your shoes are fully charged on this scale, here.


It will light green, so you will see the little buttons change colors here, and that will notify you that they are fully charged and ready to go. Still, typically your shoes will always be on, and so they will be in a neutral color, and typically, you can also choose which color you want these little dots to be oh and it is blinking on there. I do not know if you can see that, but now that it is charging, it is just blinking to let you know that both shoes are charging alright. So, when you open the app, it will have a split line that says L and R and that stands for left and right, and the cool part about this app is that it allows you to shift up and tighten the shoe manually. It starts from zero and goes all the way up to 100, so depending on the tightness, zero is less the least tight to a hundred being the tightest, so I am working on the left chute here. You can see how tart tight that can be around your foot. I typically would not put it on 100 even though I have narrow thin feet, but if you like your shoes to be that snack, that is great – this is around 65; this is the comfort zone. That I like to stay at you can do it on the right side as well you can even switch, I mean feet are known not to be perfectly symmetrical. So if your foot is a different size and you left or right, you can have one bit tighter and want a bit looser depending on you know how you like to wear your shoes there are different settings on here as well so you can preset it to a chill shoe ties so maybe you’re at home you’re wearing your shoes. You want them to be extremely loose, which allows you to click on the chill, and it’s already present on each left and right shoe for you to decide how tight you want it, and then you can also have a
movie set. This is obvious when you are out and about running around the city; maybe you want to have your shoes a bit tighter so that they do not fall off. your feet. So that is another option; you can also create eight custom ones where I have one that I created called take off, and that is just me getting ready to take off my shoes. I want them to be as loose as possible. So that is where I have made that actual setting on the app then we have the battery life, so each shoe will tell you how much battery it has on it, and what is interesting is you will you’ll see which you kind of use more or less because the number is very, they’re not typically.

It will be the same percentage important to know if your shoes are going to die and you need to get home to charge them. Still, I think that will probably not happen to you as long as you’re responsible and not keep your shoes charged on the station; there is also a circle as you can see this is resetting the shoes. So that circle will tell you if the shoes have been laced or if they have been unlit, and the way you can tell that is the lines light up. All white and white lines are a symbol for each lace, and that will tell you. How many laces basically can be loosened on the shoe and right now, it is down to one because that means that I reset the Li system. all right next to my favorite part is the changing color portion so you can change the sides here buttons to whatever color you want it to be so this is blue. We have a darker blue-purple, pink blast red orbit bright crimson total orange laser orange up to yellow electric green spark green, white or green and hero blue it is a lot of colors. That is insane how many options they give you, but these shoes are so cool, and I am obsessed with light-up shoes. Because the first pair of shoes that I ever had were la gear, and I loved how they would light up the new leaf gear they like when you leave and the new light gear cross-trainers they like when you laughs told so the shoes. In my childhood, bringing me back all right has let us see so you can go to my shoes and show you an image of the shoe. That you have connected, if you are a fan of the self-lacing tie system, you may want to upload more shoes to the app, so that allows you to have multiple silhouettes on the one app.

Pretty cool right now; I only have one, so it shows the Nike top autumn axis, but if I were to have multiple, it would be different and then when you go into the top right-hand corner, that is settings. You have notifications support about you can also connect these shoes to Siri. This amazing, so if you want to release the shoes, you can tell her to release them, and the laces will release from Siri.


Telling them to which is very cool or to tighten just multiple options to tighten and loosen your laces without having to touch them very cool, and you can even put your picture in the settings to know that it is yours; all right, let us talk about sizing. So, I am a 7.5 and men’s a 9 in women’s, so for these, I got a 7.5 typically; I base the shoe from what I am in an Air Max 90 since this silhouette was based on that silhouette, and these fit me perfectly. I think there is plenty of room and the nice toe box, and this material is very stretchy, and so I love the fact that my feet do not feel extremely crammed inside of this, although I will say as far as sizing goes, this is not going to look like your typical size. Because these shoes look so much bigger, that is because of the technology stored inside of them. But other than that, I would say stick true to your size, and these will work wonderfully for you. And the other option is, you know, keeping these shoelaces tied to however tight you want them to be or lose you get to control that with the technology. That is on the app, and now, for our resellers out there, let us talk about resale for these shoes; they are not doing that bad, so right now on stock X. if you were to go on there, depending on what size you are, of course, it is varying from 475 on the lower end to $1000 on the high end which thousands freak in crazy, and that goes up to a size 13. all right sorry not size 13 size 14 but yeah, I would say that you can make a little bit off these shoes. Still, again the retail value for these was $400, which is pricey for a shoe. But on the reseller’s end, you may be able to make a tad bit off that depending on which size you are moving on to styling. So, I want to go through the three looks that I did today for styling. We went outside and gave you some more athletic options and what I am typically giving you the first option. I wore a fitted black top and bottoms. I paired with were a mixture of black patterns with infrared toned prints blended in with that, and I thought that paired very well with these shoes just because of the colors that I saw on the bottom of the silhouette.


I thought that would go perfectly with the leggings if I chose these are athletic shoes and so as far as me walking around. I typically am walking around, and a workout pant I am legging just because it is comfortable. And I think that these shoes are super comfy. I can see myself being able to walk around quite a distance in these, and that’s why my first look was more of an athletic take on the outfit choice; next up again, a very athletic choice. I played volleyball in college and played it all through high school. And in my earlier education years, I felt at home and at ease and spandex, which is why I chose spandex for the next look. I know, guys, you’re probably not going to be rocking those Spanx around New York City.

But as far as working out and being comfortable in workout clothes, I thought that would be a great option, and then I paired it with this top of them. Wearing is an athletic top; it is nice and stretchy; of course, you know I typically, right now I am not ready to be in spandex and a tank top. So, this was a bit more form-fitting and kept me a bit warmer outside as we approach. You know the summer weather, our wardrobes and the change around a bit, but this combination for the temperature outside today was perfect, and I think the spandex again. I chose kind of a reddish infrared tone because that goes perfectly with the shade on these shoes that had kind of a burgundy accent to it with just a simple black top, and it just gave it a great athletic look. as you see in the picture as well gave you an athletic pose to see you know how the shoes look compared to the garments that I chose with some movement around them.

Laughs but not least, I did a bit more of a casual look, so I chose some redone bag your jeans just because my last two picks were on the tighter, more fitted side, and so I paired the white jeans with a nice just fitted long-sleeve grey long-john fabric shirt and the grey. It goes so well because the swoosh on these shoes is the same kind of tone in my shirt. The white just really pairs while and makes this color pop, and so you know, as I am looking at the midsole on here, it is kind of got like this nice white midsole with, you know, kind of swirly pencil looking marks on there that. Just I felt like I was well-suited for a pair of white pants overall; those were my three looks, some summery looks, as I think that this tone and shade of shoe is meant more for the spring. Summertime, I do not see myself rocking these in the fall-winter, but they could do it all year-round it is just a dope colorway, and that is it for the day, my goodness, guys. our first unboxing on some technology shoes, and I’m so happy that I was able to share this with you and also share some informative information on how to use the cell flying self-lacing system on these shoes until next time thanks to you for joining me. Also, Look At Dealsnbuy Kids Collections.

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